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Austin Network Engineer Users' Group - March 2009

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I would like to thank everyone for coming to last night's user group meeting.  For anyone that has missed it, We had Jeff Kline and Brandon Beck from Cisco presenting on SAN technologies.  We discussed the advantages of Data Center Ethernet, Cisco's Virtual Switching System and Multichannel Ethernet, and various storgate technologies such as SCSI, iSCSI, Fiber Channel, FCIP, and FCoE.  I will post a link to the presentations here as soon as I have them.

We started a discussion for future topics.  It looks like we will be working through configuration and labs on Cisco's Call Manager Express product during the next two sessions.  Please make sure to bring your laptops for these, as we are going to have virtual routers set up in individual pods.  We will also have a limited number of physical FXO/FXS ports and phones available for testing.

After these two sessions we have options available for the next one.  There has been discussions on having a troubleshooting session which I am thinking might be a Layer-2 troubleshooting primer, involving spanning-tree and other switch technologies.  Other possibles are having Solar Winds demo/train on some of thier management tools or having Cisco back out to talk about WAAS or ACE.  Please send me your feedback on what you want for the next session.


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